205 series

electric multiple unit train type operated in Japan and Indonesia

The 205 series is a type of train operated in Japan. Operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East) and West Japan Railway Company (JR West) and also KRL Commuterline in Jakarta, Indonesia.

205 series
Commuter Line Train JR 205 series with 205-121F 8 Cars at Angke Station
ManufacturerHitachi, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Kinki Sharyo, Nippon Sharyo, Tokyu Car Corporation, JR East Ōfuna Works
101 series, 103 series, 107 series, KiHa 35
103 series, Toei 6000 series, Tokyo Metro 5000 series, Toyo Rapid 1000 series, KRL Rheostatik, KRL BN-Holec, KRL INKA-Hitachi, KRL-I
1990–1994 (6-door cars)
Entered service25 March 1985
Number built1,461 vehicles
Number in service24 vehicles in Japan
812 vehicles (2020) in Indonesia
Number preserved1 vehicle
Number scrapped350 vehicles (Japan)
Successor209 series, 225 series, 321 series, E231 series, E233 series
Formation2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, or 11 cars per trainset (Japan)
4, ɶ8, 10, or 12 cars per trainset (KCI)
Operator(s)JNR (1985–1987)
JR East, JR-West (1987–present)
KAI Commuter (2013–present)
Fuji Kyuko (2011–present)
Depot(s)Miyagino, Nakahara, Keiyō, Kawagoe, Kōzu, Kamakura, Hineno, Miyahara
Bukit Duri, Depok, Bogor, Klaten (KCI)
Car body constructionStainless steel
Car length20,000 mm (65 ft 7 in)
Doors4 pairs per side
6 pairs per side (SaHa 204)
Maximum speed100 km/h
(Hanwa Line 205-1000 series 110 km/h)
Traction systemResistor control + field system superimposed field excitation control
Variable frequency (IGBT) (205-5000 series)
Traction motorsMT61 (Resistor Controlled)
Electric system(s)1,500 V DC overhead lines
Current collection methodPantograph
Braking system(s)Regenerative brake, electronically controlled pneumatic brakes
Safety system(s)ATS-SN,[* 1] ATS-SW,[* 2] ATS-P, ATS-Ps,[* 3] ATC,[* 4] D-ATC[* 5]
Coupling systemShibata-Type
Track gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
  1. Musashino Line, Sagami Line, Yamanote Line, and Yokohama Line
  2. Hanwa Line
  3. Senseki Line
  4. Keiyō Line, Yamanote Line, and Yokohama Line
  5. Yokohama Line

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