24 (TV series)

American television series (2001–2010, 2014)

24 is an Emmy and Golden Globe winning American television series broadcast by Fox Network in the US and shown worldwide. The show first came on TV on November 6, 2001, airing eight seasons of 24 episodes each until May 24, 2010. The show returned on May 5, 2014 for a 12 episode miniseries called Live Another Day that aired until July 14, 2014. The first six seasons were all focused the fictional Los Angeles branch of the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU). The seventh season focused on the Washington, D.C. branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The eighth season focused on the fictional New York City branch of CTU. Live Another Day focused on the London station of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

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GenreAction, drama, thriller
Created byJoel Surnow
Robert Cochran
StarringKiefer Sutherland
Mary Lynn Rajskub
Carlos Bernard
Dennis Haysbert
Elisha Cuthbert
Kim Raver
James Morrison
Reiko Aylesworth
D.B. Woodside
Penny Johnson Jerald
Roger Cross
Gregory Itzin
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons9
No. of episodes204
Running timeapprox. 43 minutes
Original release
ReleaseNovember 6, 2001 (2001-11-06) –
July 14, 2014 (2014-07-14)

24 is shown in real time, with each season depicting a 24-hour period in the life of Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), who works with the government as it fights threats to the country. Live Another Day, however, mainly depicted a 12-hour period over its 12 episodes, but ended the final episode with a 12-hour time jump to finish the 24 hour cycle. Bauer is often in the field for each season's main government agency as they try to protect America from terrorists. The show also follows the actions of other agents, government officials and terrorists associated with the plot. The first six seasons of the show were all based in Los Angeles and nearby locations  — both real and fictional  — in California, although sometimes other locations have been used as well. Some of the fourth and sixth seasons, and all of the seventh season, were in Washington, D.C..[1] The eighth and final season of the original series was in New York City.[2][3] Live Another Day was set in London.[4] Legacy was set in Atlanta.

Season 1


Jack Bauer is trying to stop terrorists, who plan to assassinate Presidential Candidate David Palmer. They abduct Kim Bauer and Teri Bauer in order to use Jack to their advantage. With Jack's wife and daughter, the terrorists have power over Jack and try to force him to kill Palmer. At one point, Jack has to choose between the lives of his family and that of the presidential candidate. After Kim and Teri are rescued and the terrorists stopped, a second group of terrorists try to target David Palmer and Jack Bauer. The second terrorists were behind the first. They are seeking revenge for a raid that connects Palmer and Bauer. The goal of the raid was to kill Victor Drazen. Palmer's death is faked to trick the terrorists. Viewers learn that Victor Drazen is still alive and that Nina Myers has been working with the terrorists. Senator Palmer realizes he cannot stay married to Sherry and they separate.

Season 2


Jack and CTU try to stop a nuclear bomb from being blown up in Los Angelos. Terrorists blow up CTU to draw away their attention. George Mason ends up letting the bomb explode over the Mojave Desert and away from the city. Afterwards Jack follows leads that indicate that a recording implicating three Middle Eastern countries is false. President David Palmer decides to not attack these Middle Eastern Countries. His cabinet removes him from office under the Twenty-fifth Amendment and the Vice President becomes President. Eventually Jack finds the evidence and Palmer becomes President again.

Season 3


Jack Bauer and President Palmer try to stop a biological weapon attack . At first, it seems that Samon Salaraz must be released to stop the virus. However, Jack, who works secretly with other agents, breaks him out to set up an auction for the actual virus. Jack first works with Hector and Samon Salaraz and later with Nina Meyers to buy the virus. The seller, Michael Amador tricks the buyers, as they get a fake virus with a bomb. After some of the virus is released in a hotel, agents learn that Stephen Saunders is behind the virus. Saunders makes demands using the remaining vials to control the situation until he is captured, but not before Jack has to kill Ryan Chapelle. In a major side plot, Alan Milikan, a significant backer of Palmer, knows about an affair between his daughter Julia Miliken and Palmer. President Palmer asks Sherry to deal with him. She ends up killing Alan, and in revenge, Julia kills Sherry. Using his knowledge of these events, Senator John Keeler blackmails President Palmer not to run again for president.

Season 4


The season starts with a train bombing used to get an override device to control nuclear power plants. Terrorists kidnap secretary of defense James  Heller and his daughter Audrey Raines. The terrorists stage Heller's execution on the internet. They do this to get past internet firewalls to use the override device. Bauer stops the execution, but terrorists gain control of power plants. Eventually, CTU gets control of most plants. CTU learns that the terrorist behind the events is Habib Marwan, who worked for McLennan-Forrester. The company sets off an EMP bomb to destroy evidence of the terrorist. Later, terrorists get a stealth fighter and shoot down Air Force One. President Keeler cannot serve, and Vice-President Logan becomes president. Marwan's terror cells steal the nuclear football from the crash site. Jack finds evidence leading him to the Chinese Consulate. There, the Chinese consul is killed in a gunfight, and Jack kidnaps a Chinese man. CTU eventually stops the missile, but Jack and his friends must fake his death. In the end, Jack is a fugitive from the US and Chinese governments.  

Season 5


Assasins frame Jack Bauer for the murder of President Palmer. They try to kill those who helped Jack fake his death. Jack follows leads and ends up at Ontario airport. American President Logan and Russian President Suvarov are signing an anti-terrorist agreement. Terrorists take control of the same airport where Jack is and hold hostages. They threaten to kill the hostages if the treaty is signed. Jack helps officials to stop the terrorists. The terrorists, however, used the hostages as a distraction to get nerve gas. Jack learns that the White House Chief of Staff was involved. Nerve gas is used in a mall and unsuccessfully at a hospital. The terrorists release nerve gas in the CTU building, killing several workers. The last canister is used in a submarine, but also without success. The rest of the gas gets destroyed, but Jack learns President Logan was behind the attacks. The rest of the story involves Jack trying to get a recording to implicate Logan. With the first lady's help, Jack uses a listening piece to record the president confessing his crimes. Logan must relieve his presidency. In the very end, the Chinese kidnap Bauer.


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