35th New York Infantry Regiment

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The 35th New York Infantry Regiment, also called the Jefferson County Regiment, was an infantry regiment of the Union Army in the American Civil War.

35th New York Infantry Regiment
Camp of 35th New York Volunteers (cropped).jpg
35th New York lined up in a camp, 1862.
ActiveJune 11th, 1861 to June 5, 1863
Country United States
EngagementsFirst Battle of Rappahannock Station
Second Battle of Bull Run
Battle of Chantilly
Battle of South Mountain
Battle of Antietam
Battle of Fredericksburg
3rd Division, I CorpsIcorpsbadge3.png
1st Division, I CorpsIcorpsbadge1.png


The 35th New York Infantry Regiment was allowed to be created by the New York state government on May 25, 1861. The regiment was created in Elmira on June 11, 1861. The soldiers of the regiment left New York State on July 9, 1861.

There were 10 outposts of the 35th New York Infantry regiment:

The regiment was camped on Meridian Hill, then it moved to Arlington House and did construction work on Fort Tillinghast and Fort Craig. The regiment then moved to Falls Church, Virginia from Winter 1861 to 1862. The regiment left the camp in March 1862, for the Manassas movement and moved to Falmouth, Virginia in April. In late August 1862, the regiment fought in the First Battle of Rappahannock Station. The regiment fought in the second battle of Bull Run. 13 soldiers were killed in the Battle of South Mountain, and 67 soldiers were killed in the Battle of Antietam. The regiment was camped at Sharpsburg, Maryland in October 1862.[1]

Total strength and casualtiesEdit

1,250 people volunteered to be a soldier in the 35th New York Infantry regiment. 1 officer and 25 soldiers in the regiment were killed in action.[1]


Col. John G. Todd, 35th New York Volunteer Infantry

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