90482 Orcus

A dwarf planet in kuiper belt

90482 Orcus, originally known by the provisional designation 2004 DW, is a Kuiper belt object (KBO). It is also a dwarf planet. It was found by Michael Brown, Chad Trujillo and David Rabinowitz on February 17, 2004. It was also seen in pictures from November 8, 1951. Like Pluto it is in orbital resonance with Neptune but it stays on the opposite side of the Sun from Pluto.

90482 Orcus
Orcus nasa.jpg
Discovered byM. Brown,
C. Trujillo,
D. Rabinowitz
Discovery dateFebruary 17, 2004
2004 DW
Orbital characteristics
Epoch November 30, 2008 (JD 2 454 800)
Aphelion7 188.17 Gm (48.05 AU)
Perihelion4 535.80 Gm (30.32 AU)
5 862.44 Gm (39.188 AU)
Eccentricity0.226 18
89 606 d (245.33 yr)
4.68 km/s
Known satellites1 (92-432 km)
Physical characteristics
Dimensions946.3 +74.1
km (diameter)[2]
Mass~7.5×1020 kg
Mean density
~1.5 g/cm³ (assumed)
~0.2 m/s²
~0.44 km/s
Albedo19.75 +3.40
Temperature~45 K
Spectral type
B-V=0.68; V-R=0.37 [4]
19.1 (opposition)[5]


A moon of Orcus was found on 22 February 2007.[7]

The satellite was found at 0.25 arcsec from Orcus with magnitude difference of 2.7.[8] Assuming an albedo similar to that of the primary, the magnitude suggests a diameter of about 220 km. It is thought to be a smaller KBO that was captured.

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