AI Song Contest 2020

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The AI Song Contest 2020 was the inaugural edition of the AI Song Contest, organised by the Dutch public broadcaster VPRO, in collaboration with NPO 3FM and NPO Innovation. It was held at 8:30 pm on May 12, 2020 and was held in the Netherlands, presented by Lieven Scheire. Thirteen teams from eight countries took part in the contest. The contest was won by the Australian team Uncanny Valley with the song "Beautiful the World".[1][2]



Each participating team had to submit a "Eurovision-like" song of up to three minutes that had been composed using artificial intelligence (AI).[3] Human input was allowed, but the more AI was used, the more points the entry would get from the jury.[3] The entries were also evaluated by the public through online ratings. The winner was announced that evening.

The contest was online by cause of the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe and was broadcast via a live stream on YouTube and was presented the points from the online voting were announced by Dutch television presenter Emma Wortelboer.

Competing entries


The contest count with thirteen teams from eight countries. As there were no pre-qualifying rounds, multiple teams from each country could enter the competition.[4] The contest featured the following competing entries:

Country Team Song Language Points Place
Jury Public Total
  Australia Uncanny Valley "Beautiful the World" English 10 9.8 19.8 1
  Belgium Beatroots "Violent Delights Have Violent Ends" English 6 5.3 11.3 8
Polaris "Princess" English 4 8.1 12.1 7
  France Algomus & Friends "I Keep Counting" English 8 7.5 15.5 4
DataDada "Je secoue le monde" French 5 6 11 9
  Germany Dadabots x Portrait XO "I'll Marry You, Punk Come" English 12 7.4 19.4 2
Ligatur "Offshore in Deep Water" English 4 4 8 12
OVGneUrovision "Traveller in Time" Instrumental 5 4.6 9.6 11
  Netherlands Can AI Kick It "Abbus" English 10 7.8 17.8 3
COMPUTD / Shuman & Angel-Eye "I Write a Song" English 5 8.8 13.8 5
  Sweden KTH/KMH+Doremir "Come To Ge Ther" English 4 6.9 10.9 10
   Switzerland New Piano "Painful Words" English 2 3.2 5.2 13
  United Kingdom Brentry "Hope Rose High" English 8 5.7 13.7 6


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