Afsharid dynasty

Imperial Iranian dynasty of Turkic origin of the 18th century

The Afsharid dynasty (Persian: سلسله افشار| Azerbaijani: Əfşarlar) was an Iranian dynasty,[1] that originated from the Turkmen[2] Afshar tribe.

The Guarded Domains of Iran
ممالک محروسه ایران
Flag of
Imperial Coat of Arms (1736–1748) of
Imperial Coat of Arms
Greatest borders during Nader Shah
Greatest borders during Nader Shah
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• 1736–1747
Nader Shah (first)
• 1748–1748
Shahrokh Afshar (last)
• Established
• Disestablished
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Safavid dynasty
Zand dynasty
Qajar dynasty

Afsharid Shahs of Iran change

Name Portrait Title Reign years
1 Nader Shah   Shahanshah,
Sultan bar salatin-e-jahan
1736– 1747
2 Adel Shah   Shah 1747–1748
3 Ebrahim Afshar Shah 1748–1749
4 Shahrokh Shah Shah 1748–1796

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