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The Afsharids (Turkish: Afşar Hanedanı, Persian: افشاریان) was an Iranian dynasty between 1736 and 1796 in Iran. The origin of the Afsharids shahs lay in the province of Khorasan in Iran. Founder of this Empire was Nader Shah Afshar.

Afsharid dynasty
دودمان افشار
Coat of arms
Coat of arms
Afsharid Kingdom before the conquest of India, Oman, and Northern Central Asia
Capital Mashhad
Languages Turkish, Persian
Government Monarchy
Shah Nader Shah (first)
Shahrokh (last)
 •  Afsharid dynasty begins 1727
 •  Afsharid dynasty ends 1810
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Safavid dynasty
Hotaki dynasty
Zand dynasty
Durrani dynasty

The Afsharid Empire was the greatest dynasty in Iran after the Sassanids.