Aichi D3A

1938 dive bomber by Aichi

The Aichi D3A is a Japanese light bomber of the World War II. It was used by the Japanese navy. The plane was used in two famous battles: Pearl Harbor bombing and the Battle of Midway. It was nicknamed Val by the Allied forces. Some were used as kamikaze planes, like many other aircraft in Japan during World War II.

D3A1 Akagi.jpg
Aichi D3A1 from carrier Akagi.
Role Carrier-based dive bomber
Manufacturer Aichi Kokuki KK
First flight January 1938
Introduction 1940[1]
Retired 1945
Primary user Imperial Japanese Navy
Number built 1,495
(479 D3A-1)
(1016 D3A-2)
Developed into Yokosuka D3Y Myōjo


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