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Akershus is a county of Norway. It became a county again, in 2024.

Flag of Akershus
Coat of arms of Akershus
Location of Akershus

It is bordered by Buskerud, Oslo and Østfold and former counties Hedmark and Oppland.

It has a short border with Sweden. Akershus was the second largest county in population after Oslo.

It has more than half a million people living in it.

The county administration is in Oslo, which was not part of the county.

Animal life: Wolves exist in the county. The government has no policy for causing extinction, but at least two wolves were killed in 2024.[1]

The county is named after Akershus Fortress.

Geography change

The Jessheim railway station in Ullensaker, Akershus

Most of the county is in the districts Follo and Romerike. There are also the two smaller districts of Asker and Bærum which are west of Oslo.

Akershus includes some of the lake Mjøsa and some of the river Glomma. Because it includes many suburbs of Oslo, notably Bærum, Akershus has a large number of people living in a small area. The main national railway lines into Oslo run through Akershus with many stations such as Asker, Ullensaker, Ski and Lillestrøm.

The county includes the historical place Eidsvoll, 48 km north of Oslo. This is where the National assembly voted the Norwegian constitution in 1814. South of Eidsvoll is the international airport of Oslo Airport at Gardermoen. The home of the crown prince is in Asker.

Buildings change

The county has a major international airport, the Oslo Airport. It also has two university hospitals, Akershus University Hospital and Sunnaas Hospital.

History change

Akershus became a fief in the 16th century. At that time it included the current counties of Hedmark, Oppland, Buskerud and Oslo. It also included municipalities of Askim, Eidsberg and Trøgstad in the county of Østfold. In 1685 Buskerud was separated from Akershus. In 1768 Hedmark and Oppland were also separated from Akershus. In 1842 Christiania (Oslo) was made separate as well. In 1948 Aker was transferred to the county of Oslo.

On 1 January 2020 the county merged with Buskerud and Østfold to the current county of Viken.

Origin change

The county is named after Akershus Fortress. The fortress was built in 1299. Its name means "the (fortified) house of (the district) Aker".

Municipalities change

Municipalities of Akershus.
  1. Asker
  2. Aurskog-Høland
  3. Bærum
  4. Eidsvoll
  5. Enebakk
  6. Fet
  7. Frogn
  8. Gjerdrum
  9. Hurdal
  10. Lørenskog
  11. Nannestad
  12. Nes
  13. Nesodden
  14. Nittedal
  15. Oppegård
  16. Rælingen
  17. Skedsmo
  18. Ski
  19. Sørum
  20. Ullensaker
  21. Vestby
  22. Ås

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