Ales Bialiatski

Belarusian activist, Nobel laureate

Ales Viktaravich Bialiatski[a] (Belarusian: Алесь Віктаравіч Бяляцкі, romanized: Alieś Viktaravič Bialiacki; born 25 September 1962) is a Belarusian pro-democracy activist and prisoner of conscience. He is known for his work with the Viasna Human Rights Centre. He is a well known activist for Belarusian independence and democracy since the early 1980s.

Ales Bialiatski
Алесь Бяляцкі
Bialiatski in 2014
Born (1962-09-25) 25 September 1962 (age 61)
Other namesAliaksandr Bialiatski[source?]
EducationGomel State University (BA)
EmployerViasna Human Rights Centre
SpouseNatallia Pinchuk

Bialiatski is a founding member of Viasna and the Belarusian Popular Front. He is also a member of the Coordination Council of the Belarusian opposition.

In 2022, Bialiatski was awarded the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize, along with the organisations Memorial and Centre for Civil Liberties.[1]

Bialiatski has been in prison twice.[2] The first time was from 2011 to 2014. His second time has been since 2021 because of charges of tax evasion, but many see his arrest as politically motivated.[3] On 3 March 2023, a Belarusian court sentenced Bialiatski to prison for 10 years.[4][5]

Notes change

  1. Alternatively transliterated as Ales Bialacki, Ales Byalyatski, Alies Bialiacki, and Alex Belyatsky

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