Alfonso IX of León

King of León and Galicia from 1188 to 1230

Alfonso IX (15 August 1171 – 23 or 24 September 1230) was King of León and Galicia from the death of his father Ferdinand II in 1188 until his own death.

Alfonso IX
Alfonso IX de León (Ayuntamiento de León).jpg
Imaginary portrait of King Alfonso IX of León (1171-1230).
King of León and Galicia
Reign22 January 1188 – 24 September 1230
PredecessorFerdinand II
SuccessorFerdinand III
Born15 August 1171
Died24 September 1230 (Aged 59)
Villanueva de Sarria
Theresa of Portugal
(m. 1191; annulled 1196)

Berengaria of Castile
(m. 1197; annulled 1204)
among others...
HouseCastilian House of Ivrea
FatherFerdinand II of León and Galicia
MotherUrraca of Portugal
ReligionRoman Catholicism


Alfonso IX of León
Cadet branch of the House of Ivrea
Born: 15 August 1171 Died: 23/24 September 1230
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Ferdinand II
King of León and Galicia
Succeeded by
Ferdinand III