Alice Nahon

Belgian poet

Alice Nahon (16 August 1896, Antwerp – 21 May 1933, Antwerp) was a Belgian poet.

Alice Nahon

Her father was born in the Netherlands in a French family. Her mother came from Putte nearby Mechelen.

As a young woman she suffered from chronic bronchitis, but this was wrongly diagnosed as tuberculosis. This is the reason she spent many years in hospitals.

She studied and graduated in agriculture. Alice also began studying to be a nurse. At the same time she studied literature. She was also librarian in Mechelen. At the end of her life she lived in the medieval castle Cantecroy in Mortsel, a suburb of Antwerp.

She is especially remembered for her poem Avondliedeke (English: Little Evening Song). This poem is a classic on ethical and mystic evening meditation.


  • Vondelingskens (1920)
  • Op zachte vooikens (1921)
  • Schaduw (1928)
  • Maart-April (1936)