All Japan Student Go Federation

Japanese student organization for the board game of go

All Japan Student Go Federation (全日本学生囲碁連盟) is a Japanese student Go organization for holding university Go championships. They have branches in each regions (Kanto,[1] Kansai,[2] Kyushu,[3] Tohoku[4] etc.).

Differences with other organizationsEdit

In Japan, most Go tournaments are held by Nihon Ki-in or Kansai Ki-in. All Japan Student Go Federation and their branches are made for student games. They are not under direct control but have close relation with them.


They are holding various tournaments with corporate sponsors.[5][6]

World Students Go Oza ChampionshipEdit

This is a game to give the student world champion trophy since 2003.[7][8][9] Players from each region (including Taiwan, Europe, Oceania etc.) will compete. The expected games in 2020 have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

All Japan University Go ChampionshipEdit

This is a team competition by each university. Teams that have cleared regional preliminaries can attend. Each team can send only 5 members and substitutes. The sponsor is Yomiuri Newspaper (as same as Yomiuri Giants).

All Japan Female Student HoninboEdit

This is the only one game that limits participants by gender. The sponsor is Mainichi Newspaper. Some winners have eventually obtained professional status, or became top amateur players.

Season Year Winner
32 1997 Tomomi Hoshino (Waseda)
33 1998 Fu Hong Mei (Dokkyo)[10]
34-35 1999-2000 Mizuyo Kamasaki (Hiroshima)
37 and 40 2002 and 2005 Miki Aragaki (Waseda)[11][12]
38 2003 Marie Unegawa (Waseda)
39 2004 Kozue Takakura (Chuo)[13][14]
41 2006 Risa Sasago (Waseda)[15][16]
42 2006 Wang Jing Yi (Hosei)[17]
43 2007 Yin Shanchun (尹善渶, Keio)
44-46 2008-2010 Reiko Sekine (Taisho)[18]
47 2011 Noriko Horimoto (Ritsumeikan)
48 2012 Go Risa (Ritsumeikan)
49 2013 Yuka Kimoto (Hoso)[19]
50-51 2014-2015 Karin Tsukada (Ritsumeikan)
52-54 2016-2018 Akiko Fujiwara (Waseda)[20][21][22]
55 2019 Moeka Tsuji (Keio)

All Japan Student Go Best 10Edit

This is the only one game that allows the attendance of high school and graduate students. It is held since 1964. The sponsor is Asahi Shinbun.


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