Ambush marketing

type of marketing strategy

Ambush marketing is a form of marketing. Many events, especially in sports have sponsors. These sponsors pay money, which makes it possible to hold the event. In return for this, they get publicity and media coverage. Ambush marketing is a name given to marketing campaigns that are also done around the event, but where no money is paid for the event.[1] There are many very important events where one company will pay money to become the exclusive sponsor of the event (or in a category of the event). This creates a problem for other brands or companies. These other brands then find ways to promote themselves in connection with the same event. They do not pay the sponsorship fee. Even if they wanted to, they could not, because one brand is the exclusive sponsor. They also do not break any laws.

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For the 2011 Rugby World Cup and the 2015 Cricket World Cup, New Zealand is planning to make laws to combat ambush marketing, according to former Sports Minister Trevor Mallard.[1]


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