Andrea Mantegna

Italian Renaissance painter (1431-1506)

Andrea Mantegna (UK: /mænˈtɛnjə/, US: /mɑːnˈtnjə/,[1][2] Italian: [anˈdrɛːa manˈteɲɲa]; c. 1431 – September 13, 1506) was an Italian painter.

Andrea Mantegna
Andrea Mantegna 014.jpg
Andrea Mantegna

c. 1431
Isola di Carturo, Venice (now Italy)
DiedSeptember 13, 1506
Mantua, now Italy
EducationFrancesco Squarcione
Known forPainting, fresco
Notable work
St. Sebastian
Camera degli Sposi
The Agony in the Garden
MovementItalian Renaissance

Major worksEdit

Mantegna's only known sculpture is a "Sant'Eufemia" in the Cathedral of Irsina, Basilicata. The rest of these are paintings:

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