Annie Oakley

American sharpshooter and exhibition shooter
Annie Oakley

Annie Oakley (August 13, 1860 – November 3, 1926),[1] born Phoebe Ann Mosey, was an American sharpshooter (skilled with guns).[2] She was a star in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show. Oakley was born in Ohio to Jacob and Susan Mosey.[2] On June 20, 1882 she married Frank E. Butler, another skilled shooter.[2] The couple joined Buffalo Bill's show in 1885.[2] Oakley performed before several European heads of state, including Queen Victoria and Kaiser Wilhelm II.[2] She left the show in 1902 and began acting. Oakley died in 1926 of pernicious anemia (a type of blood disorder).[2] She was buried in Greenville, Ohio.[2] Frank Butler died 18 days later.


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