Anton Walter

Austrian piano maker

Gabriel Anton Walter (5 February 1752 – 11 April 1826) was a Viennese piano builder. [1]

Fortepiano by Walter

Born in Neuhausen auf den Fildern in Germany, Walter moved to Vienna in 1780.[2] In 1790 he obtained the status of Imperial Royal Chamber Organ Builder and Instrument Maker. His firm was employing about 20 craftsmen and was labeled "Anton Walter und Sohn" ("and son").[3] Walter improved the Viennese piano mechanic design that was created by Johann Andreas Stein in Augsburg.[3] The most famous composers of those times had pianos from Walter, among them were Ludwig van Beethoven,[4][5] Joseph Haydn[6] and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Last bought Walter's piano in 1782 and was using it in an important phase of his career.[7] Mozart's own piano that was built by Walter survived till the XXI century and now is kept in Salzburg.

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