Ariano Suassuna

Brazilian writer

Ariano Suassuna (Portuguese pronunciation: [aɾiˈɐ̃nu suɐˈsũnɐ]; June 16, 1927 – July 23, 2014) was a Brazilian playwright and author. He is in the "Movimento Armorial". He founded the Student Theater at Federal University of Pernambuco. [1][2][3] He is the author of, among other works, the "Auto da Compadecida" and "A Pedra do Reino".

Ariano Suassuna
Ariano Suassuna.jpg
Born(1927-06-16)June 16, 1927
DiedJuly 23, 2014(2014-07-23) (aged 87)
NationalityBrazilian Flag of Brazil.svg

Suassuna died from cardiac arrest in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, aged 87.


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