Artsakh dram


The Artsakh dram (Armenian: Արցախյան դրամ) is one of the currency used in the Republic of Artsakh (limited recognition). It is legal tender but is not as widely used as the Armenian dram.

Artsakh dram
Արցախյան դրամ (in Armenian)
2 dram banknote (obverse)
2 dram banknote (obverse)
User(s)  Artsakh (alongside Armenian dram)
Inflation N/A
Pegged with Armenian dram
1100 luma
Freq. used 50 luma, 1 dram, 5 dram
Rarely used 1000 dram
Banknotes 2 dram, 10 dram
[[]] Republic of Artsakh Ministry of Finance
Website []
Printer Österreichische Staatsdruckerei
(Austria State Printing House)