Asuka period

historical period of Japan, from 538 to 710 (or 592 to 645), its beginning is said to overlap with the preceding Kofun period. The Yamato polity evolved greatly during this period, named after the Asuka region, ~25 km south of modern city of Nara.

The Asuka period (飛鳥時代, Asuka jidai), sometimes called Suikochō-jidai ("period of the Suiko court"), was a time in the history of Japan which lasted from around 538 through about 710.[1] There is some overlap with the Kofun period which came before. There is also some overlap with the Nara period, which comes after.

The Asuka period is named after the Asuka region, about 25 km south to the modern city of Nara.



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