Bad Godesberg

former town, now city district of Bonn, Germany
Bad Godesberg
Coat of Arms
Arms of Bad Godesberg
area: 31,97 km²
people: 70525 (2004)
official website: Stadtbezirke Bad Godesberg Archived 2006-10-06 at the Wayback Machine
Mayor: Annette Schwolen-Flümann, CDU

Bad Godesberg is a district of the city of Bonn in southern North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. From 1949 till 1999 Bonn was the capital of West Germany, and the majority of foreign embassies to Germany were in Bad Godesberg. Some buildings are still used as embassy branch offices or consulates.

The flag of Bad Godesberg


Godesburg Ruins.

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  • John le Carré's novel The Little Drummer Girl begins with the bombing of the house of an Israeli diplomat in Bad Godesberg.

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