Balochi language

Northwestern Iranian language spoken in Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan

Balochi (also called Baluchi, Baloci or Baluci) is a Northwestern Iranic language. It is the main language of the Baloch people of Balochistan region, Pakistan, eastern Iran and southern Afghanistan. It is also spoken as a second language by some Brahui. It is one of nine official languages of Pakistan.

Balòci (Balochi) written Balo-Rabi in Nastaliq style.
Native toPakistan, Iran, Afghanistan
Native speakers
8.8 million (2017–2020)[1]
Balochi Standard Alphabet
Official status
Official language in
 Pakistan [a]
Regulated byBalochi Academy, Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan
Balochi Academy Sarbaz, Sarbaz, Iran
Language codes
ISO 639-2bal
ISO 639-3bal – inclusive code
Individual codes:
bgp – Eastern Balochi
bgn – Western Balochi
bcc – Southern Balochi
Linguasphere58-AAB-a > 58-AAB-aa (East Balochi) + 58-AAB-ab (West Balochi) + 58-AAB-ac (South Balochi) + 58-AAB-ad (Bashkardi)
Approximate geographic distribution of Balochi
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Dialects change

Balochi has several dialects. The Ethnologue lists three dialects: Eastern Balochi, Northern Balochi, Southern Balochi and Western Balochi while the Encyclopædia Iranica (from Elfenbein) lists six dialects: Rakhshani (subdialects: Kalati, Panjguri and Sarhaddi), Saravani, Lashari, Kechi, Coastal Dialects, and Eastern Hill Balochi.

Northern Balochi dialects are settled north of Iranian Balochistan and Golestān Province of Iran, north of Nimruz Province in Afghanistan and north Chagai District of Balochistan.

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