national encyclopedia of Bangladesh

Banglapedia, or the National Encyclopedia of Bangladesh, is the first Bangladeshi encyclopedia.[1] It is available in print, CD-ROM format and online,[2] in both Bangla and English.[3] The print version comprises has 500-page volumes. The first edition was published in January 2003 by the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh,[4] with a plan to update it every two years.[5]

AuthorProfessor Sirajul Islam (Chief Editor)
CountryBangladesh Bangladesh
LanguageEnglish, Bengali
PublisherBanglapedia Trust, Asiatic Society of Bangladesh
Publication date
January 2003
Media typePrint (Hardback), CD-ROM, Online
Pages10 Volumes

Banglapedia is not a general encyclopaedia but one that covers Bangladesh-related topics.[6] Although Bangladesh is a new country, there is a lot of history going back many, Banglapedia uses the word Bangladesh to include the territory of ancient Eastern India, Suba Bangla, Shahi Bangalah, Mughal Suba Bangla, Bengal Presidency, Bengal Province, East Bengal, East Pakistan, and the independent Bangladesh.[5][7]

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