Barisal District

district in its namesake division in Bangladesh

Barishal is a district in southern Bangladesh. It is also the headquarters of Barishal Division.



Barishal was a semi-independent area in the Mughal period. Later it came under the control of British India. After British rule it was part of East Bengal (later East Pakistan) and finally, Bangladesh.



Barishal District is divided into the following Upazilas (formerly called Thanas):

  1. Agailjhara Upazila
  2. Babuganj Upazila
  3. Bakerganj Upazila
  4. Banaripara Upazila
  5. Gaurnadi Upazila
  6. Hizla Upazila
  7. Barishal Sadar Upazila
  8. Mehendiganj Upazila
  9. Muladi Upazila
  10. Wazirpur Upazila