capital of Basra Governorate, in southern Iraq

Basra (البصرة; Al Baṣrah) is the third largest city of Iraq with a population of about 2,600,000 (2003). It is the country's main port. Baṣra played an important role in early Islamic history, and it was the first city built in Islam 14 A.H (after Hijra)

Al Baṣrah
Basra is located in Iraq
Location of Basra
Coordinates: 30°30′N 47°49′E / 30.500°N 47.817°E / 30.500; 47.817
GovernorateBasra Governorate
FoundedAD 636
 (2003 Est)
 • Total1,700,000

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The city lies at the Shatt al-Arab waterway near the Persian Gulf, 55 kilometres (34 mi) from the Persian Gulf and 545 kilometres (339 mi) from Baghdad, Iraq's capital and largest city.

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