Battle of São Mamede

1128 battle establishing Portugal's independence

The Battle of São Mamede (Portuguese: Batalha de São Mamede, pronounced: [ˈsɐ̃w̃ mɐˈmɛð(ɨ)]) took place on 24 June 1128 near Guimarães and is an important event for the foundation of the Kingdom of Portugal and the battle that helped Portugal's Independence. Portuguese forces led by Afonso Henriques defeated forces led by his mother Teresa of Portugal and Fernão Peres de Trava. Following São Mamede, the future king styled himself "Prince of Portugal". He would be called "King of Portugal" starting in 1139 and was recognised by neighbouring kingdoms in 1143.

Battle of São Mamede
Part of the County of Portugal leadership

Celebrations of the Battle of São Mamede in the Castle of Guimarães
Date24 June 1128
Result Afonso Henriques victory.
Afonso takes the leadership of the County of Portugal and starts the Kingdom of Portugal
Afonso Henriques Theresa, Countess of Portugal
Commanders and leaders
Afonso Henriques Theresa, Countess of Portugal
Fernando Pérez de Traba

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