Beat Crusaders

Japanese band

Beat Crusaders were a Japanese rock band. They were known for wearing masks in public.[1] They did not wear their masks during concerts. There were 5 members in this band. The members were Hidaka Touru (vocals and guitar), Kubota Masahiko (bass), Katou Tarou (guitar), Mashi-ta (drums), and Keitaimo (keyboards). The band started in 1997. Almost all of their songs were written in English. Their music genre is said to be melodic hard core, digital rock, and power pop.

Beat Crusaders
Also known asBECR
GenresPower pop, Pop punk, indie rock, Pop rock
Years active1997–2010
LabelsDefSTAR Records, Lastrum, Captain Haus Recordings
MembersTōru Hidaka
Masahiko Kubota
Tarō Katō
Hirofumi Yamashita
Keita Tanabe
Past member(s)Mitsutaka Umuyashiki
Takayuki Araki
Hiroyuki Tai
WebsiteOfficial website

The masks


The members of the band wear masks because they were once working as office workers and they could not show their faces. After they became well known, they decided to keep wearing their masks. The masks became a trademark for the band.


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