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Bebo was a social networking website. Bebo stands for "Blog early, blog often". It started in January 2005[1] but was closed in 2022. It was mostly used by teenagers. It used to be one of the main social networking sites on the Internet.

Bebo logo

Bebo had many features that were available for its users, such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and AOL Mail, and media recommendations with these functions the individual had more choices for searching information on one website.[2]

The platform “Lifestream” automatically let the user see updates from their friends and family, all profiles from Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter were synced together. Which was a convenient tool to get instant updates, which included being able to share: photos, videos, stories, records, and scheduled appointments.[2] was available on a mobile device, which the user could log into their account to find out what new material has been posted by their friends and family. They could receive SMS updates and alerts, update their Bebo profile, add photos to their gallery, send virtual gifts and access exclusive mobile content.[2]


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