Belgian United Nations Command

Army battalion composed of Belgian and Luxembourg gorces

Belgian United Nations Contingent (BUNC) was the name for the Belgian and Luxembourger soldiers who volunteered to fight in the Korean War (1950–1953).[5]

Belgian United Nations Command (BUNC)
Luxembourgish soldier, part of B.U.N.C. in Korea, 1953
Country Belgium
 South Korea
Allegiance United Nations
TypeInfantry Battalion
  • 3,171 Belgians[1]
  • 78 Luxembourgers[1]
Part of29th Commonwealth Brigade
1st US Cavalry Division
3rd US Infantry Division
Decorations2 ROK Presidential Unit Citations
US Presidential Unit Citation
Belgian Order of Leopold[2]
Battle honoursImjin, Haktang-ni and Chatkol
Albert Crahay[3][4]
Lt. Col. G. Vivario[4]
Lt. Col. R. Gathy[4]

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