Bengali calendar

luni-solar calendar used in the Bengal region of the Indian subcontinent

The Bengali Calendar (Bengali: বঙ্গাব্দ Bônggabdô or বাংলা সন Bangla Sôn) also known as the Bangla Calendar, is the official and national calendar of Bangladesh. On the calendar, Pôhela Bôishakh is the New Year and it starts on 14 April or 15 April on the Western calendar if it is either before Pôhela Bôishakh, or 593 less if after Pôhela Bôishakh.

The Bengali calendar has 6 seasons and each of them make up two months. Starting at Pôhela Bôishakh, the seasons are Grishmô (গ্রীষ্ম) or Summer; Bôrsha (বর্ষা) or Rainy/Monsoon season; Shôrôt (শরৎ) or Autumn; Hemôntô (হেমন্ত) or the Dry season; Šhit (শীত) or Winter; and Bôsôntô (বসন্ত) or Spring.[1]


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