genus of fishes within the family Osphronemidae

Betta is a genus of fish. Betta splendens is a common species of this genus. Betta are very brightly coloured. They can be bought in a local pet store. Other species of betta are more rare. The males often show their aggression at other males as well as females by flaring at one another. Betta are surface breathers. They breathe air from the surface to make a bubble nest which attracts the female for mating. Betta fishes are found in small water bodies. These bodies of water are full of fallen leaf litter and peat that gives the Betta many places to hide.

Bettas come from Southeast Asia.

Mating change

Before mating, put two tanks near each other for a few days and put them together in the tank. The male betta breathes air from the surface to make a bubble nest. This nest attracts the female for breeding. Once the nest is complete, the male Betta will try to get a female Betta to lay her eggs by showing his fins and dancing around her. After that, the male betta will keep annoying and bullying the female betta. This shows that the male is stronger than the female. It also makes the female betta fish tired. A healthy and strong female betta will lay the eggs several days later. At that time, the male will help the female by pressing on the female's belly to squeeze out the eggs. It takes several days to lay all of the eggs. Once the female Betta lays her eggs in the nest, the male Betta will fertilize them by releasing his sperm over the eggs.[1]

Environment for Betta fish change

The least need 20-cubed tanks for a living, do not put a male betta together they will fight until one of them dies. We can put female bettas together.[2]

Types of Betta fish change

A male betta that has red and blue color together

There are a lot of types that are not found, and many people are making new breeds so it is currently progressing. Some types of betta fish have colorful types, but many betta fish have only one or two colors. There are two types, one is a long fin and the other one is a short fin.[3]

What do Betta fish eat in the wild[4] change

-Brine shrimp

-Mosquito larvae

-Small fly larvae

-Common water fleas (Daphnia)

What do Betta fish eat as a pet[5] change

-Types of worm (white worm, blood worm, glass worm)

-Brine shrimp

-Fruit flies

What human food do Betta fish like[6] change

-Fruit (mango, banana, melon)


-Fresh seafood (raw)

Palaeobettidae change

Palaeobettidae is an extinct family of freshwater anabantiform fish.

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