genus of fishes within the family Osphronemidae

Betta is a genus of fish. The Siamese fighting fish is a fish in this genus. Some species of betta like the Betta Splendens are very brightly coloured and can be purchased in a local pet store. Other species of betta are more rare. The males often express their aggression at other males as well as females by flaring at one another. They are surface breathers, and breathe air from the surface to make bubble nest which attracts the female for breeding. Betta fishes are found in little water bodies, full of fallen leaf litter and peat thereby providing lots of hiding places. There are various species of Betta, most popular being Betta splendens, Betta smaragdina, Betta mahachaiensis, Betta coccina, Betta albimarginata, Betta imbellis, etc.

Bettas come from Southeast Asia.