German tabloid newspaper

Bild (often called Bild-Zeitung by Germans) is a German tabloid newspaper. It is the most popular newspaper in Europe. It was created in 1952. It has been heavily criticized in the past decades and was compared to The Sun.[5]

Front page, 17 August 1961
TypeDaily tabloid (except Sundays and public holidays)
FormatBroadsheet ("nordisch" size: 376 x 528 mm)
Owner(s)Axel Springer SE
Editor-in-chiefMarion Horn [de][1]
EditorJohannes Boie
Alexandra Würzbach
Founded24 June 1952; 71 years ago (1952-06-24)
Political alignmentCentre-right[2] to right-wing[3]
Circulation1,150,181 (Print, 2021)
458,952 (Digital, 2020)


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