Book of Obadiah

book of the Bible of the Assyrian Period

The Book of Obadiah is found in the Hebrew Bible and the Old Testament of the Christian Bible where it is the shortest book, only one chapter long. It is thought to have been written by a person named Obadiah, which means “servant (or worshipper) of the Lord”. Obadiah probably wrote the book sometime between 850 and 550 B.C.

The message of Obadiah is given to Edom, a country which was made up of descendants of Esau, who was the twin brother of Jacob. Jacob is also called Israel and is the ancestor of the Jewish people. When foreign armies attacked Israel, the people of Edom did not come to their aid, but instead took many things that had belonged to them. Obadiah said that God would destroy the Edomites because of this. The Edomites lived in a city that was protected by mountains. They also had other nations who were their allies in warfare. They were proud of their wise leaders. None of these things could protect them from defeat. Obadiah said that God would give Israel back some lands including the land of the Edomites. Edom no longer exists as a country. Part of what was Edom is now in the kingdom of Jordan. The ruins of their capitol city Petra is a tourist attraction.