Braniff International Airways


Braniff International Airways was an American airline. The company started in 1928.[1] The first flight was between Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma on 20 June 1928.[2] Called the Paul R. Braniff Inc. Airline, it set up service between Oklahoma City and Tulsa three days a week.[3] During World War II it lost half it's fleet to government service. After the war, Braniff began flying to South America. It served Brazil, Argentina, Columbia and Peru. Braniff became the first all-jet airline in 1960. After the airline deregulation of 1978, Braniff found the air fare competition cut into profits. The recession had caused fewer passengers. Braniff found itself with too many air routes. With rising interest rates and fuel prices, the company debt became a major problem. Braniff declared bankruptcy in 1982. Its last flight was on May 12, 1982.



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