Focus city

airport that is not a hub, but has non-stop flights to several destinations other than its hubs

In the airline industry, a focus city is the name for a type of airport. These airports are not a hubs but are important for one airline. An airline has daily flights from the Focus city to many destinations that are also not its hubs. Even though the word "city" is part of this term, it means a city's airport, not the city.

An example of an airline's focus city is US Airways (now known as American Airlines) at Washington National Airport in Arlington, Virginia.[1] Focus city airports can have some of the same facilities that hubs have. For example, the airline may repair or clean their aircraft at a focus city because it is cheaper. They might also have places and equipment to handle cargo.

Many low-cost carriers that mostly fly point-to-point use focus cities more than hubs. Southwest Airlines,[2] Spirit Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Allegiant Air[3] and WestJet in the Americas, and Ryanair, EasyJet, Norwegian Air Shuttle and Wizz Air in Europe are examples.


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