Brauerei Kaiserdom

brewery in Bamberg, Germany

The Brauerei Kaiserom (English: Brewery Kaiserdom) is a brewery in Gaustadt, a quarter of Bamberg, Germany.


The brewery was founded in 1718 by Georg Morg. Since 1910, it has been managed by family Wörner. In 1953, they brewed 0,6 million litres. The production today is about 20-30 million litres. It is the biggest brewery in Bamberg.


They are producing 6 different kinds of beer:

  • Pilsener
  • Weizenbeer bright
  • Weizenbeer dark
  • Kristallweizen (Crystal Weizen)
  • Schwarzbier (Blackbeer)
  • Alkoholfreies (Soft beer)

They also make some soft drinks.

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