Brexit Party

Eurosceptic political party in the UK

The Brexit Party is a Eurosceptic political party in the United Kingdom (UK) made up of politicians who support Brexit. Created in 2019, it is led by Nigel Farage. The party has four Welsh Assembly Members.

Brexit Party
ChairmanRichard Tice
LeaderNigel Farage
Founded23 November 2018; 23 months ago (2018-11-23)
Registered5 February 2019; 21 months ago (2019-02-05)
Headquarters83 Victoria Street
SW1 0HW[1]
Membership (2019)Increase 100,000[2] registered supporters
European Parliament groupEurope of Freedom and Direct Democracy
Colours          Aqua, white
SloganChange Politics for Good
House of Commons
0 / 650
Local government[3]
22 / 20,249
National Assembly for Wales
4 / 60
Nigel Farage, the party leader

The Brexit Party campaigns for the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union (EU). It wants the UK to trade on World Trade Organization (WTO) terms and leave both the European Single Market and the European Union Customs Union.

Many of its members were formerly of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), with Farage having led UKIP in 2006–09 and 2010–16, as well as from the Conservative Party.[4]

European Parliament electionsEdit

Year Leader Share of votes Seats Change Position
2019 Nigel Farage 30.52%
29 / 73
n/a 1st


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