British Rail Class 800

Electro-diesel (Bi-mode) Mutiple Unit Train

The Class 800 Hitachi Super Express is a new train built by Hitachi to replace old InterCity 125 and InterCity 225. The class 800 will use diesel fuel and electricity.[1] The 801 trains will be electric-only.[1] The trains can run at a speed of 125mph (200kmph).[2] They can reduce the travel time between London, Leeds, Newcastle and Edinburgh by as much as 18 minutes.[2] One train, a test version of the Hitachi Class 800 Super Express, has arrived from Japan.[3] A new Manufacturing plant will produce 122 trains in the coming years.[3] It will create 730 new jobs.[4] In 2017 the first trains will run on the Great Western Railway main line.[3] In 2018 they will run on the East Coast Main Line.[3]

A Class 800 being tested

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