Cecilia Elizabeth Martin-Edmunds

British foil fencer
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Cecilia Elizabeth Mary Agnes Martin-Edmunds (1872 - 1947) was a British foil fencer from London. She was a fencer at Salle Alibert. She was internationaly a leading female fencer in the early 1910s.[2]

Cecilia Elizabeth Martin-Edmunds
Personal information
Full nameCecilia Elizabeth Mary Agnes Martin-Edmunds
Born1872 (1872)
London, United Kingdom
Died1947 (aged 74–75)
CountryUnited Kingdom
ClubSalle Alibert [1]

Martin Edmunds became British national champion in 1909.[3] She won in the summer of 1913 the international women's fencing tournament at the 1913 International Exposition in Ghent. Forty fencers competed at this tournament and she among others eliminated the Dutch Esther Bekkers-Lopes Cardozo.[4] In 1914 she won the 1914 Salle Giandomenici international women's fencing competition in Amsterdam. Of the eight matches she only lost one match. With less received touchés compared to Esther Bekkers-Lopes Cardozo who also lost only one match, she won the tournament.[4][5][6]

Martin Edmunds was tall compared to Dutch and Belgian fencers. This was in her advantage having a larger reach. She had, as described, a "careful" fencing style.[4]


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