Cairns, Queensland

city in Queensland, Australia

Cairns is a city in Queensland, Australia. 120.000 people live there. Cairns is about 1720 km (1,069 miles) north of Brisbane and about 2500km (1,553 miles) from Sydney by road. It is built on the shores of Trinity Bay.

The city of Cairns

Cairns is an important travel destination for tourists because it is warm all year round and is near many attractions. The Great Barrier Reef is only one-and-a-half hours away by boat. The Daintree National Park and Cape Tribulation, about 130km north of Cairns, are popular areas for experiencing a tropical rainforest. It is also a starting point for people wanting to see Cooktown, Cape York Peninsula, and the Atherton Tableland.


Captain James Cook named Trinity Bay when he arrived there in his ship HM Bark Endeavour on Trinity Sunday, 1770.[1] The first Europeans to settle arrived in 1876 when gold was found near Cairns. It was named after the Governor of Queensland, Sir William Cairns.[1]


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