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The California National Party (CNP) is a political party in the state of California. The party was founded in 2015. It has been described by California legislative historian Alex Vassar as "the biggest-promising political party you haven't heard of".[3] It is currently chaired by Theo Slater. The party's main goal is achieving California's independence from the United States of America.[4] Their platform also includes a wide range of proposed reforms. This includes health care, schools and welfare.[5] Many of their proposals are generally left of center and reflect the party's "pragmatic progressive" ideology.[6]

California National Party (CNP)
ChairMichael Loebs[1]
Vice-ChairTheo Slater[1]
SecretaryYvonne Hargrove[1]
Founded2015; 8 years ago (2015)
HeadquartersSacramento, California
Student wingCNP Students[1]
Membership (January 2022)Increase 413[2]
IdeologyCalifornian nationalism
Civic nationalism
Social democracy
Political positionCenter-left
Big tent
Colors  Yellow
Seats in the U.S. Senate
0 / 2
Seats in the U.S. House
0 / 53
Statewide Executive Offices
0 / 8
Seats in the State Senate
0 / 40
Seats in the State Assembly
0 / 80
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