Cardcaptor Sakura

Japanese manga series by Clamp

Cardcaptor Sakura is a Canadian Children's Television and manga series on Nickelodeon. It is also an anime series. Cardcaptor Sakura is sometimes abbreviated as CCS.

Cardcaptor Sakura
(Kādokyaputā Sakura)
GenreMagical girl, romance
Written byClamp
Published byKodansha
English publisher
Original runMay 1996June 2000
Volumes12 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed byMorio Asaka
Produced byEizo Kondo
Written byNanase Ohkawa
Music byTakayuki Negishi
Original networkNickelodeon
English network
Original run April 7, 1998 March 21, 2000
Episodes70 (List of episodes)

Cardcaptor Sakura was created in 1996 by a team of artists named CLAMP. CLAMP has created many other series, but Cardcaptor Sakura is one of the most popular. The manga was first published in Nakayoshi from 1996 to 2000. The story is about Sakura Kinomoto, a middle school student who accidentally frees a deck of magical cards from a book hidden in her father's study. The book's guard, Keroberos, gives Sakura the task to find and capture the troublemaking cards. The series focuses on themes of love and family, Sakura and her friends, and their different relationships.

The anime aired on Japanese television from 1998 to 2000, changing parts of the manga's story and introducing new characters, and has two films as well. The English version of the anime was licensed by Nelvana, renamed Cardcaptors, and the story was changed a lot to suit an American audience.

Ten-year old Sakura Kinomoto is an athletic girl in middle school. She finds a strange book, named the Clow Book, in her father's study. She finds the Clow Cards inside. She learns the cards are magical, accidentally setting them free when she calls the name of the Windy Card. The book's guardian, Kero, gives Sakura the task of finding and capturing the cards, using the Clow Wand to seal them in their card forms. Sakura is helped by her best friend Tomoyo Daidouji, who designs Sakura's battle costumes and records her adventures on a video camera. Sakura meets Syaoran Li, a boy of her age and a relative of the Clow Cards' creator Clow Reed. Syaoran wants to capture the cards himself, becoming Sakura's rival, though they later become friends. The two capture all of the cards between them, but have to face the second guardian of the Clow Cards, Yue, to decide who will become the new master of the cards. Yue is revealed to be the true form of Yukito Tsukishiro, the friend of Sakura's older brother Toya. Sakura defeats Yue and becomes the new owner of the Clow Cards.

Eriol Hiiragizawa, a student from England, arrives in Sakura's town and begins causing magical troubles around town. Sakura learns she has to transform the cards into Sakura Cards to continue using their magic or they would become normal cards. Eriol is revealed to be a reincarnation of Clow Reed, and after tasking Sakura with one last challenge, all of the cards are successfully transformed. Syaoran, who fell in love with Sakura, confesses to her, who comes to love him in return. Syaoran returns home to Hong Kong but returns two years later to be with Sakura.



The characters' Japanese names are followed by their English names.

  • Sakura Kinomoto (木之本櫻) / Sakura Avalon
  • Toya Kinomoto (木之本桃矢) / Tori Avalon
  • Fujitaka Kinomoto (木之本藤隆) / Aiden Avalon
  • Nadeshiko Kinomoto (木之本撫子) / Natasha Avalon
  • Syaoran Li (李小狼) / Li Showron
  • Meiling Li (李每鈴) / Meilin Rae
  • Tomoyo Daidouji (大道寺知世) / Madison Taylor
  • Sonomi Daidouji (大道寺園美) / Samantha Taylor
  • Eriol Hiiragizawa (桐澤エリオル) / Eli Moon
  • Kaho Mizuki (觀月歌帆) / Layla Mackenzie
  • Yukito Tsukishiro (月城雪兎) / Julian Star
  • Clow Reed / Clow Reed
  • Keroberos (ケロベロス) / Cerberus
  • Yue (ユエ) / Yue
  • Spinel Sun (スピネル-サン) / Spinner Sun
  • Ruby Moon (Nakuru Akizuki/秋月奈久留) / Ruby Moon
  • Chiharu Mihara (三原千春) / Chelsea
  • Rika Sasaki (佐佐木 利佳) / Rita
  • Takashi Yamazaki (山崎貴史) / Zachary
  • Naoko Yanagisawa (柳澤奈緖子) / Nikki
  • Maki Matsumoto (松本 真樹) / Maggie
  • Yoshiyuki Terada (寺田良幸) / Mr. Terada

Cardcaptor Sakura is shown in many countries around the world. CCS is popular, because it is very cute. There are many posters and many toys about CCS.

Bonus manga stories


Two additional bonus manga stories were released as part of some Cardcaptor Sakura Illustrated Collections that came out in Japan.

The first story focuses on Toya caring for Sakura while she has a cold. [1] While cooking curry with Yukito, Toya receives a call from Tomoyo, who is outside the Kinomoto house with Sakura, who Tomoyo walked home with. Toya finds Tomoyo holding a poorly Sakura, who has a fever from a cold she caught. Toya comes to her aid, who is worried about her. Yukito also enquires Sakura about her health. A worried Toya takes Sakura to her room, and they both reflect on how long its been since she last had a cold. While Kero watches over her, Sakura thinks about how this is like the last time she had a cold. She reflects on how she feels so lonely whenever she catches a cold or gets sick, feeling like there is no one else in the world.

Sakura reassures herself that Toya will soon come for her, remembering how he was there for her when she last had a fever and cold when they were kids. Sakura regrets not being able to go to school, telling Toya that they will be learning a new song at kindergarten and likes the teacher a lot. Toya assures Sakura that he will take her if her temperature goes down. Happy, Sakura promises to teach him the new song too. Sakura’s head starts to spin. Toya places his hand on her head, which comforts her.

Toya asks Sakura if she would like him to make her a drink, and asks if she can have warm milk with honey. She remembers being given this drink when she had a fever when she was very little. Toya sadly remembers that it was their mother who made that for Sakura, and does the same for her. In the present day, Toya makes Sakura the same drink, telling Yukito (smiling) that Sakura always likes to have that drink whenever she has a fever. Back in her room, Sakura knows that her big brother will bring her that drink she likes, and knows that when he does so, she will definitely be fine the next day.

The second bonus manga story appeared in the second Illustrated Collection.[2] It focuses on the love that had developed between Sakura and Syaoran during the course of the series.

While in class, Sakura and Tomoyo look worried about Syaoran; noting how red he looks. Tomoyo wonders if Syaoran has a cold. and Sakura places her hand on Syaoran’s forehead who sees that he is burning up. Syaoran slumps on his desk which worries Sakura, and Tomoyo reckons his temperature has gone up. Sakura asks Syaoran if he really is okay. He says that he will go home and have some sleep and medicine. Tomoyo asks him to stay warm and Sakura gives him a worried look. He assures her that he is fine. Tomoyo hopes he will get better soon. Sakura does as well, who watches Syaoran as he heads home.

Back at her house, where Yukito and Toya are cooking. Yukito notices that Sakura looks down and she explains that Syaoran has a high fever. Yukito thinks it is a cold given that it is cold at night at that time. Although Toya gets annoyed at hearing Syaoran’s name being mentioned, he gives Sakura some food to give to him. Happy, Sakura gets changed and heads to Syaoran’s apartment. Syaoran is feeling groggy and unable to cook for himself even though he needs to eat something with his medicine.

Syaoran lets Sakura in and blushes at seeing her. He soon calms down and smiles at Sakura when she goes to the kitchen to make something for him. While eating the food she brought to Syaoran, Sakura gives him some warm milk and honey. She tells Syaoran that she always drinks that when she has a cold. She also hopes his fever goes down quickly. Syaoran smiles and drinks it. Although worried it may be too sweet, Syaoran tells her that it is delicious. A smiling Sakura tells him to keep drinking that and get lots of rest. She also says that it will be great if he feels better tomorrow. Sakura and Syaoran smile at each other, with Syaoran noting that everything will be all right.


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