Catherine de' Medici

queen-consort and regent of France (1519-1589)
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Catherine de' Medici (Italian: Caterina de Medici, pronounced [kateˈriːna de ˈmɛːditʃi]; French: Catherine de Médicis, pronounced [katʁin də medisis]; 13 April 1519 – 5 January 1589), was the wife of Henry II of France.

Catherine de' Medici
Portrait attributed to François Clouet, c. 1555
Queen consort of France
Tenure31 March 1547 – 10 July 1559
Coronation10 June 1549
Born13 April 1519
Florence, Republic of Florence
Died5 January 1589(1589-01-05) (aged 69)
Château de Blois, Kingdom of France
Saint-Sauveur, Blois. Reburied at Saint-Denis in 1610.
Henry II of France
(m. 1533; died 1559)
Full name
Caterina Maria Romula de' Medici
FatherLorenzo de’ Medici, Duke of Urbino
MotherMadeleine de La Tour d'Auvergne

Catherine was the daughter of Lorenzo II de' Medici. She was born in Florence, Italy. She was born Caterina Maria Romula de' Medici.

Catherine was married to Henry II of France when she was 14 years old. Their children were:

Catherine is buried in the Saint Denis Basilica.