form of alternative medicine

Chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine. A chiropractor is a person who went to school to learn chiropractic. Chiropractors may diagnose and treat many conditions relating to muscles, joints, and nerves of the body. They may give what is called an "adjustment" to the body. An adjustment is a fast short push to an area of the patient's spine or other joints to help their condition. Chiropractors do not use drugs to treat patients. They use natural treatments such as nutrition, exercise, physical therapy, adjustments, and massage in order to help their patients.

Chiropractic has changed since it was created over 100 years ago because chiropractors learn new facts and do new research. Chiropractors have many different ways to treat their patients. They all use drug free treatments. Chiropractic is best known for helping people with spine pain, but chiropractors can also help other problems. There has been a debate as to whether or not chiropractic is classified as Pseudoscience.