Continental climate

main climate class in the Köppen climate classification system

Continental climate is a climate that is characterized by winter temperatures cold enough to support a fixed period of snow cover each year, and is not arid or semi-arid. Summers are hot or warm.

In the Köppen climate classification, this climate is split into Dfa (hot summer, no dry season), Dfb (warm summer, no dry season), Dwa (hot summer, dry winter), Dwb (warm summer, dry winter), Dsa (hot dry summer) and Dsb (warm dry summer).

Dfa cities include Chicago, Volgograd or Toronto.

Dfb cities include Warsaw, Moscow or Montreal.

Dsa cities include Salt Lake City or Bishkek.

Dsb cities include Helsinki or Spokane.

Dwa cities include Beijing or Seoul.

Dwb cities include Vladivostok or Calgary.