Cookie cutter

tool to cut dough in a particular shape

A cookie cutter is a piece of equipment to cut dough from cookie dough to cut the dough into pieces to make cookies.

Gingerbread man cookie cutters.



Many cookie cutters have a shape. Most of them are shaped like a square, star, or a triangle. Also, cookie cutters may come in a circle shape.

Cookie cutters can also be used to make foods other than cookies.They can be used to make small sandwiches, square crackers, and others.

Most cookie cutters are small. There are some that may be big. On November 8, 2019, it was announced Target had started selling big cookie cutters. [1]Cookie cutters in bigger sizes can cut more things like cookie dough. Small cookie cutters are often 2 inches long. Medium-sized cookie cutters are often 3 inches long. Big-sized cookie cutters are often 4 inches long. Walmart also sells big cookie cutters. Smaller cookie cutters cost less, while bigger cookie cutters cost more.


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