The corgi (or Welsh corgi) is a small breed of dog. It comes from Wales.

Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh corgi
Other namesWelsh corgi
Height Dogs 10-12.5" (25.5-30.5 cm)
Bitches 10-12.5" (25.5-30.5 cm)
Weight Dogs 27 lbs (12¼ Kg)
Bitches 25 lbs (11⅓ Kg)
Coat Short or medium length
Color Any color
Life span 11.7 years
Dog (domestic dog)

There are two breeds: the Pembroke Welsh corgi and the Cardigan Welsh corgi. Queen Elizabeth II has kept pet Pembroke Welsh corgis since she was seven years old.[1]

Corgis have a long torso and short legs, large bones, and a very short tail. Corgis were originally bred as dogs. They are very active and like exercise. They are intelligent and have good memories.

Culture change

Pembroke Welsh corgi: the breed Queen Elizabeth II keeps

Outside Wales, corgis have been made popular by Queen Elizabeth II. She usually had at least four as pets and once as many as thirteen.[1] Her first corgi was named Susan. She mated Susan and her current dogs are still offspring of that breeding.[1] She now has two corgis who are about twelve years old.[1] Some portraits of Queen Elizabeth II show her holding a corgi or a few around her.[2][1]

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