Coronon, Davao del Sur

barangay in Davao Region, Philippines

Coronon, Davao del Sur is a barangay of Santa Cruz, Davao del Sur, Philippines. It is on the coast of Mindanao. Coronon's barangay captain is Proceso Gido II (Jun Gido). Coronon is next to the Mt. Apo Natrual Park Area.

Coronon, Davao del Sur
Coordinates: 6°47′10″N 125°12′48″E / 6.78611°N 125.21333°E / 6.78611; 125.21333
RegionDavao Region (Region XI)
ProvinceDavao del Sur
MunicipalitySanta Cruz, Davao del Sur
FoundedMay 2, 1970
 • Barangay captainPablito Lim
 • Total319.91 km2 (123.52 sq mi)
 • Total1,457
 • Density4.6/km2 (12/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (PST)

Geography change

Coronon contains the Coronon River I, Coronon River II and the Coronon River III.

Climate change

Coronon has a favorable climate all year round. It has wet and dry seasons. It is inside the typhoon belt. Generally the months of November to April are dry periods. Wet season occurs from May to October. This type of climate is in the plain and coastal areas. Rainfall is more or less evenly distributed throughout the year. Most often in Coronon, heavy downpour occurs every afternoon while in the morning the sun shines.

Demographics change

Population census of Coronon

  • 1970: 1
  • 1975: 16
  • 1980: 23
  • 1985: 81
  • 1990: 411
  • 1995: 761
  • 2000: 867
  • 2005: 1,179
  • 2010: 1,457
  • 2014: 1,814

Source: National Statistics Office (2014)

Languages change

The languages spoken in Coronon are Tagalog, Cebuano, Mansakan and English.

Economy change

Resources change

Agriculture... Among agriculture crops, coconut leads in production followed by banana and sugarcane. Other major crops are corn, coffee and vegetables. The barangay also produces high value fruits like mango, lanzones and durian. Cattle leads in livestock production.

Fisheries... The 24-kilometer long coastline of Coronon which forms part of the Davao Gulf provides a rich fishing grounds and is suitable for aquaculture.

Mineral... Deposits of sulfur ore, rock phosphate, guano, limestone and cement raw materials were also traced but still have to be tapped for commercial and industrial uses.

Forestry... Tropical evergreen and other timber cover the vast timberland and forest area. Rattan, bamboo and other vines are also in abundance.

Major industries change

Banana, Coconut and Seaweed cultivation.

Existing industries change

  • Franklin Baker Company of the Phils - established in 1968 and produces 20-25 million pounds of desiccated coconut annually.
  • Gido Farm - established in 2014 and produces 1-2 million pounds of produce.
Under construction change
  • Harry's - is a restaurant under construction.
  • The Port of Coronon - is a port on the coast of Coronon.
Planned industries change
  • Coronon Rizal Airport - is an airport going to be built on an artificial island in the Davao Gulf.

Education change

Schools change

  • Coronon Elementary School
  • Panaytubo Elementary ng Coronon