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Cosplay (コスプレ, kosupure) is a short way of saying of "Costume Play". It is an act of dressing up to look like an anime, manga, video game, Japanese rock, or K-pop character. A person who does this is called a Cosplayer. [1]

Wikipe-tan cosplay.

Cosplay can be divided into two parts, basic cosplay and masquerade cosplay. Both types of cosplay involve trying to physically look like the character, including speaking like the character and memorizing quotes. Masquerading, or "The Masquerade," usually refers to a cosplay competition where cosplayers demonstrate their skills in creating costumes, putting on skits, and in technical matters.

Even though cosplaying comes from Japan, there are a number of cosplay communities in Malaysia, China, the United States, UK, Indonesia, and the Philippines, because of the popularity of Japanese animation, movies, and popular culture in those countries.

Cosplay communities often hold events such as parties and conventions. Some of the best cosplayers can be famous amongst otaku.


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