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Czech language

West Slavic language spoken in the Czech Republic

The Czech language is a Slavic language spoke by people in the Czech Republic speak it. Ten million people speak it. It is very similar to the Slovak language; the differences between these two languages are small enough that speakers of Czech and Slovak usually understand each othe

čeština, český jazyk
Native toCzech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and other worldwide.
EthnicityCzechs, Moravians
Native speakers
10 million (2007)[1]
Latin script (Czech alphabet)
Czech Braille
Official status
Official language in
 Czech Republic
 European Union
 Slovakia (partially)
Regulated byInstitute of the Czech Language
Language codes
ISO 639-1cs
ISO 639-2cze (B)
ces (T)
ISO 639-3ces
Linguasphere53-AAA-da < 53-AAA-b...-d
(varieties: 53-AAA-daa to 53-AAA-dam)
Spoken Czech

It has four genders and is is an inflected language like Latin. The grammar is much more complex than that of English.


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