consumer video format used to store digital video on DVD discs

DVD-Video is a video format used to store digital video on DVD discs. DVD-Video was the most popular home video format in Asia, North America,[4] Europe, and Australia in the 2000s until it was surpassed by Blu-ray Disc. DVD-Discs require a DVD drive and a DVD player. Commercial DVD movies are encoded using a combination MPEG-2 compressed video and audio of varying formats. Typically, the data rate for DVD movies ranges from 3 to 9.5 Mbit/s, and the bit rate changed dynamically. DVD-Video was first available in Japan on 1 November, 1996,[5] it was release on 24 March, 1997 in the United States.[6]

[[File:DVD-Video Closing To I Am Sam (2001) 2002 DVD Logo.svg|200px|Current logo used as of 2001|frameless]]
Media typeOptical disc
CapacityUp to 8.5 GB (4 hours at typical bit rates)
Developed byDVD Forum
UsageVideo storage
Extended fromLaserDisc
Video CD
Extended toHD DVD
Blu-ray Disc

Licensing for DVD change

The DVD-Video specification was made by DVD Forum and can be obtained from DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation for a fee of $5,000.[7][8] Every subscriber must sign a non-disclosure agreement, meaning they cannot share the information publicly. Certain information in the DVD Book is confidential.[7]

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